An Appeal for Responsible Reform

    "The issue of greatest concern on America’s most distinguished
     university campuses is no longer traditional learning but a new
     form of social and sexual indoctrination."

Most Americans have some vague notion that all is not well on the university campus. Parents know that colleges are run by liberals, that dangerous ideas are being pushed by tenured radicals left over from the sixties. They understand that the climate on campus these days is more sexualized than ever before, but they’re not sure what it’s all about. They don’t know what to worry about and what to ignore, so they wait and watch, and hope for the best. 

More than two-thirds of American high-school grads will go, but less than half will receive a diploma. And thanks to the political bias of the campus, receiving a diploma no longer guarantees students have received a good education or can succeed in today's highly competitive economy. With more than two dozen interviews with faculty and students from dozens of campuses all across the nation, this book offers an eye-opening assessment of where things went wrong and what must be done to turn it around.

The cost of a college education has never been higher, and admissions standards have never been lower, but the entire calculus has changed. The university campus is no longer that idyllic place of your imagination, where callow youths are educated and prepared for life in the real world. The campus is, indeed, a place of radical transformation, but not the kind that most parents were expecting.
  • The Dangers of Indoctrination

To put it plainly, the university is not a safe place to send your child. The reason is that the university is only marginally about education today. From Harvard to Stanford and on hundreds of campuses in between, the best and brightest of America’s youth are being introduced to ideas that will shake the foundations of their beliefs, challenge their confidence and objectivity, and, one way or another, shape the future of this nation.

The problem is that higher education is now a pretext for concentrating large numbers of unsuspecting and often poorly-prepared students on campuses, away from their families and other mediating influences, where they may be socialized and manipulated by leftist faculty members and administrators for purely ideological reasons. Since the social revolution of the 1960s, the agenda of the Left has been to transform the United States into a socialist utopia; consequently, the issue of greatest concern on America’s most distinguished university campuses is no longer traditional learning but a new form of social and sexual indoctrination.

  • An End to Intellectual Tyranny

For years parents have sacrificed their own well-being and virtually indentured themselves for the sake of their children’s education and future success. In so doing, however, they’ve unwittingly placed their offspring into the hands of the academic reprogrammers whose radical agenda is to subvert the family values, beliefs, and aspirations of their charges, and to render the next generation of Americans as unwitting pawns of the state.

If there’s to be any hope of turning things around, parents, alumni, fraternal and private organizations, public servants, and legislators at all levels of government, along with scholarship providers and the funding agencies who have been bankrolling this dangerous resocialization of the next generation, will have to summon a new sense of urgency about the severity of this crisis. They need to recognize what’s happening to our finest young men and women, and demand immediate changes throughout the system. We must insist on academic freedom and an end to the intellectual tyranny that passes for education on the majority of American university campuses.

To help precipitate that awakening and to provoke such a rebellion is the overriding mission of this book.


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