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Jim Nelson Black is senior analyst with Sentinel Research Associates and former executive director of The Wilberrforce Forum in Washington, DC. An author, educator, and researcher, he has written six books on social and cultural issues, and directed dozens of research projects over the past twenty-five years involving education, law, public policy, current affairs, and issues of faith.                    
In addition to his most recent investigative works, The Death of Evolution and Freefall of the American University, he is author of the acclaimed 1994 volume, When Nations Die, which analyzed signs of decline in great empires past and present, and an illustrated history of the clash of secular and Christian worldviews, America Adrift, which examines ideologies that have put America's cultural and moral values at risk. He has also served as editor, writer, or collaborator on more than forty books with celebrities, public figures, and religious leaders.
Dr. Black earned a Ph.D. in comparative literature in the University of Texas system and completed doctoral studies and dissertation research at the Sorbonne, in Paris, where he was awarded the vermeil medal of the Société Academique Arts–Sciences–Lettres of the French Academy. He has appeared on more than 400 radio and television broadcasts, and speaks to civic, professional, and college audiences on issues of faith and culture.

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“A comprehensive and properly alarming picture of the state of the contemporary university.”
                    —  Academic Questions, Journal of  the National Association of Scholars  

"A wide ranging and devastating indictment of American higher education. The inescapable conclusion is that the American university is hollow, and worse than hollow, dangerous to the students who arrive seeking knowledge."
                    — Hugh Hewitt, bestselling author, radio host, and law professor  

"Freefall of the American University is a reasoned, articulate, and provocative look at the radicalization of our campuses and the perversion of basic educational goals in today's university system. Freefall deserves a place on the bookshelf of every concerned American: student, parent, or taxpayer. This is our higher education system, and it's time to take it back."
                    — Ben Shapiro, syndicated columnist and author

"A worthy contribution to the growing literature documenting the devastation wreaked on our schools by leftwing professors and educators."
                    — David Horowitz, president, Center for the Study of  Popular Culture


“Jim Nelson Black writes with a rich sense of history and a deft treatment of modern issues. When Nations Die is thought-provoking and powerful.” 
                      — Dr. Os Guinness, Author, The American Hour; The Call

”The analogy between the decadence of ancient civilizations and the decadence of our own culture is striking and dreadfully true.” 
                     — Dr. Russell Kirk, Author, The Roots of American Order

“Brilliant ... Thoroughly documented and persuasively presented, the message of When Nations Die is one which is needed now.” 
                      — Dr. D. James Kennedy, Author, Character and Destiny

“A lucid and revealing analysis of how great civilizations have died, and a practical prescription for avoiding their fate. Timely, provocative, and essential reading.” 
                     — Dr. William Kirk Kilpatrick, Author, Psychological Seduction