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“I am happy to recommend my friend and colleague, Dr. Jim Nelson Black.... Jim had an outstanding background when he joined our organization in 1999. He has written many important books and is a gifted communicator. He thinks quickly and clearly, and communicates convincingly.”
                                                       — Chuck Colson
                                                           The Chuck Colson Center
           “Jim Nelson Black's lecture was thoughtful, provocative, and inspiring. Students, faculty,  and community members from all different political persuasions would have to admit that his research related to the lack of intellectual diversity on America's campuses demands attention and, more importantly, action! The larger-than-expected attendance at his lecture, along with the positive response we received from the community afterward, proves that Dr. Black was effective in conveying this important message.”         
                                                       — Kevin Smith
                                                           Students for Academic Freedom
                                                           Arizona State University
E-Mail:   jnblack @ jnblack.com